1. Do we have to come meet you before my dog’s first stay there?

We want to make sure the dogs who stay with us are a good fit for a cage free environment, a meet & greet is the best way to determine this. It also gives you and your dog a chance to check out what a day looks like for your dog.

If you do not live in the area other arrangements can be made by telephone.

2. What Vaccinations are required for my dog?

Your dog needs to be fully vaccinated. This includes the combination vaccine with Distemper/Parvovirus, Bordetella (kennel cough), and Rabies.

Ideally your dog should be on monthly flea/tick prevention.

3. What do I need to bring for my pet during their stay?

Pack enough food for your dog’s stay. We have plenty of dog beds/couches etc. Packing a blanket or towel from home seems to bring dogs comfort when they come inside to bed. Bowls are not necessary.

4. What do you feed my dog?

Your dog will be fed the food you packed following the instructions you have given us. All dogs are fed individually to ensure they are eating and to avoid any food related issues with other dogs.

5. What will my pet do during his or her stay?

Early morning rise, lots of play and activity with other dogs. Ball play, stick chewing and good times. The pond is currently closed however the kiddie pools are out in full swing and are enjoyed by those who like a dip on the hot days.

6. Do you offer a Pick Up and Delivery Service?

Yes we do. Contact us to let us know your needs.

7. What happens if my pet has medications?

If your dog has medications, make sure they are clearly labelled, and your dog has enough to last the entire length of the stay if necessary.

8. What happens if my pet falls ill during their stay?

We always hope this doesn’t happen but we are prepared should your dog need medical attention. You will leave your emergency contact information as well as the name and telephone number of your veterinarian before you go, along with any medical history we should know about. You and your veterinarian will be contacted should your dog need care.

9. Can I call and check on my pet while I am away?

You can call the resort anytime to check on your friend.

10. What time can I pick up and drop off my pet?

We know that you lead busy lives and have obligations both expected and unexpected. We are very flexible to your needs for pick-up and drop-off. We only ask approximately what time you feel you will be dropping off your dog or coming to pick them up so we can have them cleaned up and their belongings organized and ready to get home for a nap.

Life happens, just give us a call to let us know if your needs have changed, we will do our best to accommodate.

11. Will my dog interact with other dogs?

Yes. As we are a cage-free resort, your dog will interact with other dogs. It is an excellent atmosphere for puppies and dogs to socialize and build confidence.

12. Will my dog be bathed during its stay?

We do our best to send your friend(s) home a clean, happy and tired.

13. Are bookings required?

Ideally a booking is required. Should you have an emergency or an unexpected situation where you need us to care for your friend, as long as vaccinations are up to date, your dog is well socialized and spayed/neutered if adult, we will do our best to accommodate.